Tim Draper Stands by His Bitcoin Price Prediction of $250K in 2022


Investor of Venture Capital Tim Draper suggested a prediction about the price of Bitcoin (BTC). According to his prediction, the price of Bitcoin BTC will reach up to 250,000 dollars in 2022. He shared his views on this topic in Web Summit Conference that was held on November 6.

What are the Basics of his Prediction???

From his views, Draper believes that in near future the price of BTC will reach 2500,000 dollars or we can say that our amount will forty times return within four years of this process. He is also responsible for questioning the need for political and fiat currencies. According to him, the official banks transfer money to their users when they have a reason or when they want. This would lead an establishment of open and global currency that would cede the money which is controlled by banks towards the common people. It is a really very shocking system to be adopted.

Speech at GovTech Pioneer:

In May, a conference was organized on the basis of the blockchain. He also shared his views in this conference about the future prediction for blockchain and smart contracts. In his views, in future blockchain will use the system of smart contracts along with artificial intelligence. This change the whole mechanism, role, and responsibilities of the states.

He said;

In order to create a good and for long bureaucracy, we would have to combine Bitcoin with smart contracts as well as with the use of artificial intelligence.

He made further prediction about digital market Capitalization as:

The importance of cryptocurrency will arise to trillion dollars in the market and these investments were used in finance, healthcare, banking, insurance and further investments of government.”

This seems to be a very important prediction as made by him for the bright future of cryptocurrency.

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