Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz: Cryptocurrency Markets Will ‘Flip Next Year’


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In an interview with Financial Times (FT) on 23rd of November, founder of digital Galaxy named Mike Novogratz shared his expectations about cryptocurrency future. According to his views, All the cryptocurrency markets will “flip next year” as it will also create many challenges for all cryptocurrency users.

Novogratz’s Prediction about Digital Galaxy: –

Views of Novogratz conquered importance in the global market of cryptocurrency so that he further claimed that this year will be very challenging for all aspects of Digital Galaxy. He added as this company will be converted into “The Goldman Sachs of crypto” which is no doubt a good compliment either. It will suck to maintains an image or while trying to build a business in a bear market.

Financial Times (FT) reported that he seems to be very responsive in making these predictions that are;

  1. This passing year will create many rough and tough challenges for Digital Galaxy.
  2. This company (Digital Galaxy) will convert itself into The Goldman Sachs of crypto hopefully.
  3. On next year, the financial transitions will be turned from investing in cryptocurrency funds towards investment in cryptocurrencies proper side.
  4. When prices were moving again on height then the level of cryptocurrencies will flip into coming next year.

What Tim Swanson says??

Founder of Fintech Advisory oppose the predictions of Novogratz by adding his views as He was trying to predict such a thing which isn’t having any influence. According to him, many companies are responsible for having their success because of the applications of this Digital Galaxy. That specifically termed out the importance of solving such problems which are emerging due to the lack of credible merchant banking. As per reports Digital world is known to be the best place for the other markets to take advantage in their system on quick bases.

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