China: Crypto Miners Sell off Mining Devices ‘by Kilo’ Amidst Market Decline


Is Widespread Decline really Happens???

For the cryptocurrency market, China is known to be the most powerful giant. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies make their valuable standard in the field of the Chinese government. Financial institutions of the Chinese government proposed several laws which are supposed to be very strict and every user have to obey them. Bitcoin is banned in China as some of its trading properties are not suitable for the Chinese government. In 2018, People’s Bank of China claimed that Bitcoin Mining should be specifically suspended on its miners or users which will definitely influence the local authorities of China. In accordance with Chinese media, it was concluded that cryptocurrency is a source of a tool for criminals and to be used as a money laundering device. This negative influence ensures us about the future of cryptocurrency in China that will become diminished soon.

Hence, due to this negative effect, cryptocurrency based mining operations are going to sell mining machines for the basics on their weight which will also be opposed by the price per unit. This mega sellout was clearly reported by Chinese crypto outlet with references to the cryptocurrency mining pool. Many minors of different cryptocurrencies are going to shut down their business which specifically made the models for preventing from mining.

Different cryptocurrency markets are also experiencing this kind of widespread decline which was spread all over the week and BTC price will also come to decline to low as $4000 per coin value. The decline in the value of Bitcoin leads the official investors to sell out their prices which isn’t give them any profit. Drop in the mining will leads the all Chinese operators to sold their all devices at a very low rate. From another resource, it was confirmed that they were being sold in the form of “by kilo” concept which further refers all founders of F2pool on placing them Weibo microblogging platform.

Devices that are being shut down:-

Crypto mining is considered to be very strict and expensive these days, therefore, miners of the Chinese government finds a way to solve this problem. They tend to sell out previous and old versions which would provide some relaxation to the crypto miners as well as to the industry of cryptocurrencies. They eager to sell old models of crypto devices named Antminer S7, Antminer T9, and Avalon A741 respectively. All of these versions are going to shut down soon by the Chinese government. Recent News further claimed at local Chinese outlet that all the earning from mining aren’t that much long enough to cover all the covered electric power as well as other major associated kind of costs.

As we know that cryptocurrency mining is an extraordinary way to get all Bitcoins on a major platform. For making mining among any phenomena one must have to create a peer to peer network so that big tasks for these networks are going to perform with their useful combined computing power.

Chinese region affected by Mining Operations:-

Market operations and market slump are badly affected by the sort of these mining operations. Especially, small and minor companies that were associated with this perspective are largely affected by these operations. Many Chinese regions like Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia were also badly affected by these operations which causes mining of big cryptocurrencies.

Another report suggested that most of the best kind of mining devices were being sold on the second-hand market for about 5 percent above than that of their actual value. 8BTC reports fairly report about this all happening and they were of associated with that mining machines that were being sold on that market on cheaper rate than their actual value.

A mining machine is specifically bought up at the price of 20,000 yuan before one year ago when it was being sold for just 1000 yuan in past. Due to the infrastructure that was being disturbed by these operations, the value of Bitcoin keeps decreases or kept falling in the whole crypto market. Hence, a hard fork network of Bitcoin is keenly taking interest to upgrade the level of Bitcoin Cash that was taking place on November 15. That seems to effect of the trade and withdrawal matters of the mechanism of cryptocurrency exchange.

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