National Swiss Railway Operator Completes Pilot of Blockchain ID Management System


Why Blockchain ID management system:-

Switzerland, the official platform of the Swiss Economy known for its stability than that of other economies of different countries. As compared to the world’s average, per capita income value in Switzerland is higher than that of other developed countries. Advance infrastructure and 6 low taxations make Switzerland best place to set up the business of cryptocurrencies not only by local investors but also attracts the International investors of different countries. Switzerland shows a positive attitude towards the Bitcoin and its applications. The decent environment of Switzerland makes a suitable platform for the regulations of cryptocurrency and applications of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

Now, it came to know that the national railway company approved the self-sovereign of identity-based management which will be completed by the Proof Of Concept (PoC). This news was shared with us by the mean of Cointelegraph. Swiss Federal Railways, a Switzerland based firm drives their focus on building decentralized and self govern system whose basic product was developed by Linum Labs. That is really a good option for those having a direct connection with this platform. This system also deployed the system based on the Ethereum Identity management protocol or sometimes labeled as u Port. That all management was considered to govern and develop by the help of blockchain incubator named ConsenSys.

What’s the role that ConsenSys conquered in this matter:-

A global community of journalists, Lawyers, businessmen, and programmers are known to be as Conses Sys. It is highly recommended by the investors for promoting blockchain as well as peer to peer network on demand. Josef Lubin founded this organization in 2014. We can also state ConsenSys Ventures as the production of blockchain studio. The fundamentals and importance of this platform are going to increase rapidly and also captured 600 members from different countries. As per reports, 47 projects of blockchain technology based are work under these ConsenSys including Blockchain ID management system. This Conses Sys works like blockchain incubator for the purpose of maintaining railway system in Switzerland.

What’s Next After ID management system:-

Press release by these officials proved that these all tests are completely based on blockchain technology which further implies on the credential management system. This new way of management system truly meant to be used by all workers located at such transport company’s construction site. These happenings were be completed by the duration of May to November of this year.

The applications of this project are specifically designed for the increasing the efficiency of paper-based processes such as “agile working level of environment that having digital kind of audit proof solution that is linked with blockchain”.

u Port app:-

While the process of different courses of testing, workers find a new way that can be termed a digital way. They were creating their identities on u Port apps which were installed in their in their smartphones. With the help of these sites, workers find an easy way to log in and out by that construction sites from which they are working on. This system and app will help both workers and the owners to see their workers status and their presence on the construction site for the purpose of their certified training.

Some words from Linum Labs are;

A specific kind of blockchain that will also self-sovereign tends to make their identity well suitable for the use of this case. Now workers will easily carry out their base of identity from one company to another company within no time. It should also have to consider that no other specific company should be own or govern it. Further details are they were supposed to make multiple companies as well as encouraging that parties which issue them a certificate.

Did the Transportation Industry really get benefit??

From the past few months, blockchain having remarkable fame into the industry of Transportation. All the systematic procedures of nowadays are closely linked with blockchain technology. Two giant traveling, Swiss Airport, and Swiss Port announced that blockchain technology with all of its applications going to introduce the blockchain pilot program that will run its cargo handling business.

Head of global Cargo operations named Hendrik Leyssens claimed on Swiss Port that use of blockchain technology on transport system will not only speed up the whole mechanism of transactions but also improves the security and reduce all kinds of costs that utilized by several functions and operational costs.

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