Bitcoin Fundamentals ‘Still Intact’ Despite Price Lows, Says Blockchain Intelligence Group

What BIG says on this Matter???
Canada is listed as one of the richest countries in the world and now it seems to be the most suitable place for crypto industry. Its main officials of government support the investigations and development of blockchain technology. Crypto regulations of Canada is far better than other countries of U.S.
In 2018, the CEO of a well known Canadian firm named Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) claimed the loss in prices of cryptocurrency in the global market. That happens due to the lack of education of the employees of cryptocurrency platform. Investors having a lack of information and education about the importance and use of cryptocurrencies therefore, their prices are getting low or crashing down.
He supposed to share his views about the price pf cryptocurrencies in an interview on 23rd of November and was truly published by German Economics media.
He makes a walk in interview with representatives of German Investment Bank GBC AG and shows his concern about price and value of cryptocurrency into a global market. CEO of BIG named Lance Morginn finds out the reason behind this specific intact. He also added the combination of entry-level investors who were filed enduring 2017. He also points out the uncertainty in the regulation system and the low standard of principles that was caused by the recruitment of these investors. Both supply and demand of cryptocurrency in a bear market will be going to crash in 2018 which isn’t a good sign.
Future predictions of CEO:-
As per the reports, the CEO drives the attention of every investor towards risks, security and risks management which in return brings loss to the company. He said that we can couple the factors of these losses together along with lack of information and understanding which will be set up by an individual or an authorized sector. Due to these factors, we can easily dictate the price of cryptocurrency in past and its price for today. It really makes us think about the secure future of cryptocurrency.
Why Bitcoin (BTC) gets low:-
Bitcoin is considered to largest trade in the global world of cryptocurrency but now over the past few weeks, BTC leads the importance of majority crypto assets into the modes of fresh download which will be made announces soon by different investors. Within this year the price of BTC gets lower down many times which will deeply affect its image in the global market too. It sheds around 30 percent gets lower which is really nothing but bad luck.
Cointelegraph further gives reports about the lower Bitcoin crash which raises up to 40 percent this year and badly affect the crypto business. More than 15.5 total was crashed value of bitcoin counted on every official site of cryptocurrency. For this year, Bitcoin is badly performed that of other higher performance crypto assets.
On November 14th, Bitcoin Cash experienced about the separate problems that cause a deep effect on the value of Bitcoin which crashed many times this year. This sharp decline will also be giving solutions to problems regarding with use of hard fork term in cryptocurrency market. This sharp decline was topped up to 50 percent.
Novice Investor’s Idea!!!
Investors of this firm are looking forward to entering blindly into the market of cryptocurrency. Low price phenomena will become a popular narrative among different commentators of blockchain and other cryptocurrencies. The expectations were made by the investors about the placement of long term shareholders. They will agree to remain on their places until the prices of Bitcoin will stay low up to long enough to make a trade on.
Morgan is one of those investors who keenly taking interest in trading different cryptocurrencies ineffective way. So, he was also unfazed by the recent downturn of Bitcoin.
Good News by BIG!!!
Things will go change and time will change everything because it is best to maintain the balance in business rather then forgets its importance. According to the officials of BIG, something very special happens that as long as the crypto will make up a formation of the value of Bitcoin as well as a criminal element was used by the mean of the mechanism of payment. Their motive is;
“We are providing such services that could be beneficial for our clients. As per this crash will never going to bother us immensely”.
They further continue as;
“All the fundamentals of Bitcoin and Blockchain industry are still intact”.
A Survey by Ron Paul:-
Many surveys were carried out by different platforms to overcome the levels and low price of Bitcoin (BTC) these days. The fundamentals of this industry are also going to intact soon so that Pro-Bitcoin former named Ron Paul carried out his research and make a survey on this particular phenomena.
Outcomes of his survey were shocking and interesting too whose branches will lead towards the reason behind the loss in the price of Bitcoin and its applications. Detailed information about his article is mentioned here so if you want to read it then this comes very helpful for your knowledge.
According to his report, 10000 respondents of different companies and organizations choose God and Fiat currency in response to the Bitcoin which causes the value of Bitcoin to crash. This will also come up with their 10 months of investment in this particular report that shows the reason and cause of low price of Bitcoin nowadays. Value and placement of Bitcoin in the global market of cryptocurrency claimed that the fundamentals of Bitcoin are still intact within the range of low price in Crypto market.
We are also having concerned with the price of Bitcoin with that of today’s it’s price because Bitcoin having an amazing place in the global market of cryptocurrencies.

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