Catalan Government Considers Blockchain for Public E-Voting System

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Introducing Blockchain in E-voting: –
As we know that; –
The blockchain is a kind of digitized ledger which cannot be charged once, and all the transactions were made on this system moreover these transactions are recorded as well as verified by the system. All groups or parties having the same number of instructions then that of 3rd party contains. It is impossible to make fake transactions while doing the system of the blockchain. It is also unpredictable that some policies of countries will support that rules and regulations which will control the flow and exchanges of these cryptocurrencies.
As per the information about Catalan government, it was confirmed that the head of this office of Catalan and its organization that is citizens participation council reveals that blockchain technology is the best mechanism for choosing the community voting system. This was published in Spanish daily newspaper Monday on 19 November. A primary bill was also passed by Generalists of Catalonia in which the officials of this government able to post and going to introduce and establish an e-voting system for those residents who live in abroad for the purpose of general elections. The main another voting system will also be declared by another autonomous community. This is surely facilities that candidates to took participation in general elections with the help of blockchain technology and they can also get facilitated by Best cryptocurrency credit card, Bitcoin debit card, a token card, and Ethereum debit card. Activate card was also present. If you would like to read more about E-Voting system visit this article.
What is E-voting: –
E-voting is specifically defined as;
“The actual process of gathering opinions and advice of people in order to get the answers of various questions and also perform an action in accordance with this process”.
E-voting is known to be an important step which will be a part of democracy as well as for formalizing the opinions of society about the general laws. For arranging an accurate function of Catalan government agreed to use blockchain in the field of E-voting which seems to be a perfect step. Honesty and transparency of E-voting are very necessary as it will protect the legitimacy of the user’s right. Using blockchain technology in the e-voting system is considered to be the most important implementation of technology. The purpose of blockchain in e-voting will increase the immunity and protection from being changes whole system. Blockchain technology use in e-voting system also induces the immunity towards the censorship of investor also it also protects the records of voting from being changes. The technology of blockchain is also fairly used in the online voting system which may redistribute the severe functions of peers and it also leads the system to get rid of undertaking authority. If you would like to read more about blockchain for public E-Voting system visit this article.
E-voting system could change the concept of blockchain technology and will implement it towards their record for protection.
What Government of Catalonia government Hopes???
Many official members of Catalonia government hope for the use of blockchain in their working system for preventing themselves from corruption and much more frauds. For this purpose, they all agree to add a preliminary bill for establishing a new kind of voting system that is E-voting for those residents who lives abroad. They now took participation in that election and some other voting processes for that autonomous community.
Director of Citizen Participation of Catalonia named Ismael concluded in his speech that our government will be hoping to introduce this new system of e-voting system that having with blockchain in 2020. He further claims that the extension of the electronic voting system will also get through by using this phenomenon. It will defiantly support all the general voters to cast their vote and make participation.
In his most of views related to the support of E-voting with blockchain technology. Professor of Law and Political science located at Open University of Catalonia (UOC) suggested using blockchain technology in the state of the e-voting system. They said that to apply this rule for the voting system is still being considered by them. Although Generalist is making some conclusion on this topic as;
“It seems to be a best and interesting way to use blockchain technology in our voting system, but Generalist didn’t make any clear description on it regarding the importance of blockchain. He still finding another optional way of exploring before making a decision on it”.
The director of this firm also noted down some points that, regardless of being known what technology should be necessary to use in the voting system, it still remains unclear. Further conclusion said that it is still unclear and considered to be an issue of awareness. The government of Catalonia pays more attention to giving a respectful note rather than making a trade. It would be possible for us to convince those people who are reliable with blockchain technology decision. If you would like to read more about the Catalan government E-Voting system visit this article.
What Digital Services provided to Public???
In July, the government of Catalonia makes a perfect plan for the purpose of blockchain tech development that will also include public administration programs or processes in order to improve the digital services of e-voting which will be provided to the public sector. Catalan government is still finding independence from Spanish government since 1922. They are striving many times to get this opportunity to feel secure and free.

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