Catalan Government Considers Blockchain for Public E-Voting System

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Introducing Blockchain in E-voting: –
As we know that; –
The blockchain is a kind of digitized ledger which cannot be charged once, and all the transactions were made on this system moreover these transactions are recorded as well as verified by the system. All groups or parties having the same number of instructions then that of 3rd party contains. It is impossible to make fake transactions while doing the system of the blockchain. It is also unpredictable that some policies of countries will support that rules and regulations which will control the flow and exchanges of these cryptocurrencies.
As per the information about Catalan government, it was confirmed that the head of this office of Catalan and its organization that is citizens participation council reveals that blockchain technology is the best mechanism for choosing the community voting system. This was published in Spanish daily newspaper Monday on 19 November. A primary bill was also passed by Generalists of Catalonia in which the officials of this government able to post and going to introduce and establish an e-voting system for those residents who live in abroad for the purpose of general elections. The main another voting system will also be declared by another autonomous community. This is surely facilities that candidates to took participation in general elections with the help of blockchain technology and they can also get facilitated by Best cryptocurrency credit card, Bitcoin debit card, a token card, and Ethereum debit card. Activate card was also present. If you would like to read more about E-Voting system visit this article.
What is E-voting: –
E-voting is specifically defined as;
“The actual process of gathering opinions and advice of people in order to get the answers of various questions and also perform an action in accordance with this process”.
E-voting is known to be an important step which will be a part of democracy as well as for formalizing the opinions of society about the general laws. For arranging an accurate function of Catalan government agreed to use blockchain in the field of E-voting which seems to be a perfect step. Honesty and transparency of E-voting are very necessary as it will protect the legitimacy of the user’s right. Using blockchain technology in the e-voting system is considered to be the most important implementation of technology. The purpose of blockchain in e-voting will increase the immunity and protection from being changes whole system. Blockchain technology use in e-voting system also induces the immunity towards the censorship of investor also it also protects the records of voting from being changes. The technology of blockchain is also fairly used in the online voting system which may redistribute the severe functions of peers and it also leads the system to get rid of undertaking authority. If you would like to read more about blockchain for public E-Voting system visit this article.
E-voting system could change the concept of blockchain technology and will implement it towards their record for protection.
What Government of Catalonia government Hopes???
Many official members of Catalonia government hope for the use of blockchain in their working system for preventing themselves from corruption and much more frauds. For this purpose, they all agree to add a preliminary bill for establishing a new kind of voting system that is E-voting for those residents who lives abroad. They now took participation in that election and some other voting processes for that autonomous community.
Director of Citizen Participation of Catalonia named Ismael concluded in his speech that our government will be hoping to introduce this new system of e-voting system that having with blockchain in 2020. He further claims that the extension of the electronic voting system will also get through by using this phenomenon. It will defiantly support all the general voters to cast their vote and make participation.
In his most of views related to the support of E-voting with blockchain technology. Professor of Law and Political science located at Open University of Catalonia (UOC) suggested using blockchain technology in the state of the e-voting system. They said that to apply this rule for the voting system is still being considered by them. Although Generalist is making some conclusion on this topic as;
“It seems to be a best and interesting way to use blockchain technology in our voting system, but Generalist didn’t make any clear description on it regarding the importance of blockchain. He still finding another optional way of exploring before making a decision on it”.
The director of this firm also noted down some points that, regardless of being known what technology should be necessary to use in the voting system, it still remains unclear. Further conclusion said that it is still unclear and considered to be an issue of awareness. The government of Catalonia pays more attention to giving a respectful note rather than making a trade. It would be possible for us to convince those people who are reliable with blockchain technology decision. If you would like to read more about the Catalan government E-Voting system visit this article.
What Digital Services provided to Public???
In July, the government of Catalonia makes a perfect plan for the purpose of blockchain tech development that will also include public administration programs or processes in order to improve the digital services of e-voting which will be provided to the public sector. Catalan government is still finding independence from Spanish government since 1922. They are striving many times to get this opportunity to feel secure and free.

How to Mine Bitcoin: Everything You Need to Know

Bitcoin technology network

What Mining Exactly is??

To make understanding about Mining we should have to consider its brief definition;

“A process of making records of transactions by Bitcoin public ledger also known as Blockchain”.

These transactions are confirmed by the system and every single user of this mega network will get ease on assessing the blockchain.

Specifically, miners devote themselves to this mechanism for making a confirmation in every transaction and also make it possible that every transaction must be attained legitimately. When every new block sealed off, miners will definitely get a reward. The rate of coins took resemblance with the rate of commodities like gold which are mined from the ground. Hence, this process is called ‘mining’.

Purpose of Mining Pool:-

Now, every investor finds the way through which he could able to make connections with mining cryptocurrencies. These will help them to compete with other companies and big mining organizations. For this purpose, every aspiring miner dreamed of making a decision about mining that will go solo or having the opportunity to join a “Pool”.

We can explain Pool mining as an approach onto which multiple mining users accumulate their power of specific generation to block them up. A pool miner have capacity to solve the problems occur in system and get reward but that reward may split among all members of contributing power

Join a pool is so much resemblance with joining a website. All of you want is to make a free account on pool and also need to upload status as “worker”. An important thing would be aware by user of mining pool is that some amount from users site will be charged that needs pool account.  It ranges between 0 to 10 percent but good thing is that not all pools will charge you for this service.

Use of Hardware in Mining:-

People today loves to work with Bitcoin. This is happen because of its revolutionary and liberating kind of applications. Thus, this decentralized and self govern network will be easily used by common users that overcomes the need of users as well as become dominated due to the banks, tax authorities and some other massive authorities. Now value of Bitcoin is as much higher as compared to previous one.

Hence, miners attract towards this cryptocurrency due to their best ideas not by the profits that it delivered. Transactions records given by these processes could be attained by computers and laptops. Now a days, hardware mining draws attention of miners towards lucrative business that make sure the payment methods of transactions through using Bitcoin credit card, Bitcoin debit card and some other order of cards. 

Mining process helps people to pay their bills instantly by using the platform of Bitcoin or mining farms. These are all farms consists of various kinds of mining hardware that are specifically named as graphics cards and graphics coolers. Obviously, these hardware mining consumed a lot of energy in form of electricity so that asses to this energy power turns into paramount. One of the most profitable Bitcoin farms is known to be as Chinese Bitcoin Mining Farms.

Some important hardware that was recommended by Bitcoin mining are described as follows;


Most effective and useful sort of mining is your computer itself as it verbally stands for Central Processing Unit. It will implies or process of mining through uts system unit. It was considered to be expensive sort of mining Bitcoin in past days that having powerful processor which consumes alot of electricity. As far as to compare it with today’s norm CPU use for mining is obsolete.


GPU stands for Graphical Processing Unit that gives us high quality graphic cards. These graphic cards are designed for calculating the complex polygon that linked in with high end vedio game. As we know that mathematical calculations are very necessary to make solutions of transactions blockage. Somehow, the of CPU and GPU is dead these days.


Devices of FPGA changed the whole escape of Bitcoin mining. They are integrated kind of devices that specifically designed to make configured outcomes. The miners get these chips and devices in order to modify their work of mining.


This amazing chip is used to speed up the processes as utilized by the Bitcoin miners in their mining processes. It offers up to 100x hashing power which results in reducing the consumption of electricity.  ASIC is suggested as end line of the technology as it speeds up the whole system.

Is Mining beneficial for us?

Bitcoin Mining is beneficial for us in most of the ways as you will never find it before. Easy money will be carried out by the help of Bitcoin mining. BTCs rate about the various levels will give more and more appeal to that users who are having worth of it.

It finds beneficial for both large corporations and other big companies on peak demand.  Theory of mining further explains that it could be useful for everyone and can be used by anyone, but highly suitable for those having big machinery that power consumption and capacity are also high. Most of the people spend their worthy money on the account of low level miners and small level pools, then they will get high electricity bills. But those who have advance gadgets of Bitcoin mining mechanism so that power consumption is lower in those special companies and software.

However home-based minor will also face many problems related to power failure, network disconnection and crashes of prices. So unlikely it is not suitable for homes but for big organizations only. We must appreciate miners to set up their business on the account of this. Share your ideas with us.

Bitcoin Fundamentals ‘Still Intact’ Despite Price Lows, Says Blockchain Intelligence Group

What BIG says on this Matter???
Canada is listed as one of the richest countries in the world and now it seems to be the most suitable place for crypto industry. Its main officials of government support the investigations and development of blockchain technology. Crypto regulations of Canada is far better than other countries of U.S.
In 2018, the CEO of a well known Canadian firm named Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) claimed the loss in prices of cryptocurrency in the global market. That happens due to the lack of education of the employees of cryptocurrency platform. Investors having a lack of information and education about the importance and use of cryptocurrencies therefore, their prices are getting low or crashing down.
He supposed to share his views about the price pf cryptocurrencies in an interview on 23rd of November and was truly published by German Economics media.
He makes a walk in interview with representatives of German Investment Bank GBC AG and shows his concern about price and value of cryptocurrency into a global market. CEO of BIG named Lance Morginn finds out the reason behind this specific intact. He also added the combination of entry-level investors who were filed enduring 2017. He also points out the uncertainty in the regulation system and the low standard of principles that was caused by the recruitment of these investors. Both supply and demand of cryptocurrency in a bear market will be going to crash in 2018 which isn’t a good sign.
Future predictions of CEO:-
As per the reports, the CEO drives the attention of every investor towards risks, security and risks management which in return brings loss to the company. He said that we can couple the factors of these losses together along with lack of information and understanding which will be set up by an individual or an authorized sector. Due to these factors, we can easily dictate the price of cryptocurrency in past and its price for today. It really makes us think about the secure future of cryptocurrency.
Why Bitcoin (BTC) gets low:-
Bitcoin is considered to largest trade in the global world of cryptocurrency but now over the past few weeks, BTC leads the importance of majority crypto assets into the modes of fresh download which will be made announces soon by different investors. Within this year the price of BTC gets lower down many times which will deeply affect its image in the global market too. It sheds around 30 percent gets lower which is really nothing but bad luck.
Cointelegraph further gives reports about the lower Bitcoin crash which raises up to 40 percent this year and badly affect the crypto business. More than 15.5 total was crashed value of bitcoin counted on every official site of cryptocurrency. For this year, Bitcoin is badly performed that of other higher performance crypto assets.
On November 14th, Bitcoin Cash experienced about the separate problems that cause a deep effect on the value of Bitcoin which crashed many times this year. This sharp decline will also be giving solutions to problems regarding with use of hard fork term in cryptocurrency market. This sharp decline was topped up to 50 percent.
Novice Investor’s Idea!!!
Investors of this firm are looking forward to entering blindly into the market of cryptocurrency. Low price phenomena will become a popular narrative among different commentators of blockchain and other cryptocurrencies. The expectations were made by the investors about the placement of long term shareholders. They will agree to remain on their places until the prices of Bitcoin will stay low up to long enough to make a trade on.
Morgan is one of those investors who keenly taking interest in trading different cryptocurrencies ineffective way. So, he was also unfazed by the recent downturn of Bitcoin.
Good News by BIG!!!
Things will go change and time will change everything because it is best to maintain the balance in business rather then forgets its importance. According to the officials of BIG, something very special happens that as long as the crypto will make up a formation of the value of Bitcoin as well as a criminal element was used by the mean of the mechanism of payment. Their motive is;
“We are providing such services that could be beneficial for our clients. As per this crash will never going to bother us immensely”.
They further continue as;
“All the fundamentals of Bitcoin and Blockchain industry are still intact”.
A Survey by Ron Paul:-
Many surveys were carried out by different platforms to overcome the levels and low price of Bitcoin (BTC) these days. The fundamentals of this industry are also going to intact soon so that Pro-Bitcoin former named Ron Paul carried out his research and make a survey on this particular phenomena.
Outcomes of his survey were shocking and interesting too whose branches will lead towards the reason behind the loss in the price of Bitcoin and its applications. Detailed information about his article is mentioned here so if you want to read it then this comes very helpful for your knowledge.
According to his report, 10000 respondents of different companies and organizations choose God and Fiat currency in response to the Bitcoin which causes the value of Bitcoin to crash. This will also come up with their 10 months of investment in this particular report that shows the reason and cause of low price of Bitcoin nowadays. Value and placement of Bitcoin in the global market of cryptocurrency claimed that the fundamentals of Bitcoin are still intact within the range of low price in Crypto market.
We are also having concerned with the price of Bitcoin with that of today’s it’s price because Bitcoin having an amazing place in the global market of cryptocurrencies.

BitPay COO Sonny Singh: Bitcoin Could Hit $15-20K by End of 2019

Forecast by COO Sony Singh:-

Bit pay:-

Bitcoin (BTC) is considered to be the largest crypto exchange nowadays. We could also say that Bitpay is more than just a digital savings wallet for its users. It acts as a useful platform that implements the transfer of Bitcoin into other fiat currencies. Georgia was the main country involved in the founding of Bitpay in 2011.

This platform takes advantage of processing all payments with Bitcoin and making client business connections, amounting to about 20,000, in more than 164 countries. Bitpay is also famous for converting all the fiat currencies into Bitcoin and some other digital currencies. Thus, everyone has the choice of sending and converting payment according to their need. There are also tariff plans ranging in cost from USD 0 to 3,000.

The Chief Commercial Officer (COO) has published his predictions for Bitcoin and Bitpay. As COO of global crypto payment, he suggests that Bitpay has claimed that BTC will hit USD 15 to 20K before the end of 2019. COO Sony Singh shared his views during an official interview held with Bloomberg on November 22.

How Down overcame Bitcoin:-

There were some very strange happenings in the history of Bitcoin, as its value began to drop, due to the lack of education of some members associated with this system. As a result, the value of Bitcoin was down by as much as 32 percent of its actual price this month. Singh claimed some expectations regarding a rise in the value of Bitcoins, stating that it would be possible through the introduction of crypto-based products. These products were launched by the big financial giants in the crypto world, namely Fidelity and Intercontinental Exchange. These platforms are preparing to introduce their crypto-based products. This will be useful for the new rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the global digital world.

Fidelity Digital Assets Company:-

The purpose of the origin of this company was to provide execution services to other big companies. This new company also provides custodial services for digital assets and trading institutional investors, such as family offices and simple market intermediaries. This company’s best motive is mainly to focus on providing the system with a great level of security, compliant, and on an institutional grade for the down-price solutions of their problems.

Fidelity uses its applications to explore the blockchain and other cryptocurrencies. They also aim to make 5 an important financial sector for all the companies and banks who are eager to use them within the framework of their trading. As per the reports of Fidelity, it was confirmed that they are already working with more than 13,000 institutional clients.

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE):-

The operators of ICE are the 23 leading global exchange companies, of which NYSE was placed at the top of the list. They also showed interest in leading the concept of Bakkt Bitcoin which, according to them, produces insurance for those who choose to put Bitcoins into a cold wallet. The officials of this company are currently in the process of securing insurance for the warm wallet, which presupposes working according to the predictions of the Bakkt warehouse architecture.

ICE aims to announce that they are eager to list the Bakkt Bitcoin (USD) for the process of daily features, as conducted by warm wallet safety in the case of this organization. U.S regulators have also approved this future product.

Both of these financial giants are helping bitcoin to rise high above its value, up to USD 15,000-USD 20,000 by the end of 2019, as reported by Singh in his interview.

Structural changes by Singh:-

Aside from the other financial reasons, industrial incumbents are also driving towards launching crypto-based products, just as ICE is doing. Singh wants to make some structural changes to the crypto market, which will make it easy for the customers’ demands to be fulfilled. They are also considering creating a partnership with stalwart companies like the U.S crypto exchange, the wallet provider Coinbase and a crypto bank named Silvergate. Their intentions are to gear up the properties available from Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Furthermore, he forecasts a strong and useful change which, according to them, will be updated next year. This is an exciting moment, isn’t it? The newly launched crypto-based fund, ETF, will be provided by a well-known company, Blackrock type, or we could say that the Fidelity products will energize all possible space, that will help traditional players to dominate the crypto market. This moment will come in response to the Bitpays and Coinbases of this amazing well-known sector.

Coinbase Policy Head, Mike Lempres, Leaves the Company for VC Giant, Andreessen Horowitz


What’s his reason for leaving???

As we know, Coinbase is the platform that stores, accumulates, sells and transfers our digital money, in the form of the digital wallet. Signing up the process for this website is similar to going to another website for login purposes. In the Coinbase policy procedure, we just have to add details of money and submit the information that comes up with the receiver, in order to transfer money. This Coinbase system now works and is available in 24 countries around the world.

But now, something has gone wrong with the system. As the head of the Coinbase policy, he has left the whole system, which has created a big change. The largest exchange and wallet provider Andreessen Horowitz released this official statement to Bloomberg on November 22. “Coinbase loses its key to keep its head, further points on Bloomberg.”

Mike Lempres decided to leave the firm after switching roles to become the head of Coinbase. He performs his responsibilities as head of the Coinbase mechanism well.

What was the reaction of the U.S market on this?

Unlike all other platforms, exchange services of the US market are also concerned with the significance of this happening. Coinbase and its major applications have drawn the attention of legal investors, in order to continue the battle of patchwork regulatory functions, which will suit the possible system frameworks. The properties of this system vary from state to state. Ongoing reviews about this issue for the U.S market have also changed, and its applications differ according to the system. This may also have convinced the head to resign from his post.

Currently, Lempres has been replaced by an unknown player, who has taken on the responsibility of the head of the legal company. Brian Brooks will continue to take over all the responsibilities of this mega-company. He is considered fully devoted to his new job.

Apart from the responsibilities of chief legal and risk officer at the time, he is really pleased by the tremendous growth of Coinbase system. Mike was in favor of presenting the growing image of the company, and furthermore, its compliance functions are going to deliver the vision, thanks to this compliance. Their statement is as follows;

We wish Mike all the best for his new position in his post at Andreessen Horowitz”.

What’s Andreesen’s Motive:-

Previously, Coinbase received a detailed investment from the capital of the whole firm. This will also lead to the emergence of Series B funding to the tune of about USD 25 million. Andreessen Horowitz also made a big investment and contributions of EUR 300 million for exchange purposes this year.

Major U.S crypto and wallet exchange also provides a contribution of USD 300 million for the purpose of fresh funding, that also provides its post-money valuation of about USD 8 dollars. According to the Coinbase platform, the funds are used to accelerate the adoption of all kinds of cryptocurrencies. This will also build up the infrastructure of support, in order to regulate the fiat crypto trading for the purposes of fresh investment globally. This, in turn, will support the idea of an increase of thousands, in terms of new crypto this year. The Coinbase wallet was also developed for the creation of new applications.

Coinbase has also highlighted the various applications that prompt the institutional investor to explore the concept of crypto. This initiated something very bullish, as the improved structure and applied offerings could unblock USD 10 billion from many different institutional investors, encouraging them to set money aside. Today, new plans were added by the new crypto assets, which also provides the exciting prospect that business will be open in July.

Fresh legal woes:-

This week, the exchange service for this platform encountered fresh legal woes for the deceased users’ files. This lawsuit also alleged insider trading, that was specifically designed for the Bitcoin Cash, that will also bring the worth of Bitcoin back to the market. The hearing date for this lawsuit was in January 2019.

Bitcoin transactions for this system will need four days to complete within the system. The only way to ensure faster transactions is to pay a transaction fee, which began at the end of 2017, and amounted to around USD 28. Payment issues, which is one of the main causes that hampers the idea of new Bitcoin-based currency, were also considered.

BCH was developed at this point, by the sort of hard work that took place to manage the problem with the scalability of this company. Bitcoin Cash differs from Bitcoin, in terms of properties. Some major tentative plans were made by the investors, which add up 300 major cryptocurrencies to this sort of platform.

Some U.S have officials concluded that Coinbase will not perform an initial public offering IPO. Further statements by Mike were also added to the investigation that provides proof of his reason for leaving the company. Mike plays a very important role for the improvement of Coinbase, leading it towards new heights in terms of progress and popularity. He was happy to join Andreessen Horowitz for the sake of patchwork regulatory functions.