BitDealz Payment Gateway - Fast & Secure Payments

BitDealz payment gateway is developed with highly secure technologies to process cryptocurrency from the customers to the sellers, and speed of processing cryptocurrencies is usually instant though sometimes it depends on the ecosystem for the particular cryptocurrencies and their transactions time on the blockchain. On BitDealz, our main goal is to protect the customers, who shop on our BitDealz eCommerce website, and provide them with healthy shopping culture with cryptocurrency in today’s new digital era. To make BitDealz a safe and secure shopping platform, we’ve added an extra feature that is: whenever customers spend over $1000 in the fiat value for a product, the cryptocurrency will be locked in our specially designed COLD VAULT, and anytime the customers can retrieve the cryptocurrency if the sellers fail to meet the customers’ expectations with the shipped order, no matter what circumstances the sellers undergo.

To register with BitDealz Payment Gateway as a member of BitDealz marketplace, continue below:

Note to customers:

  • Customers are not required to register with our payment gateway to shop through BitDealz Marketplace.
  • Customers can pay for items with their existing third-party digital wallets.