Digital Policy

Thanks for purchasing digital products with

Digital products, after making a purchase and successful confirmation on the blockchain network, can be downloaded to your device immediately from your customer account.

If allowed by authors, some digital items, such as eBooks in PDF format, may be printed for personal use.

The refunds for digital items may vary depending on the nature of the digital products and the sellers’ refund policies.

Customers, who want to claim a refund, must contact sellers and ask for a cryptocurrency refund if items don’t meet their expectations.

Customers, who make a purchase for digital items worth over $1000, are assured of safe and secure shopping by our specially designed Cold Vault that locks customers’ cryptocurrency funds until they are satisfied with their purchases. For an unsatisfactory purchase, if justly proven, customers will be refunded instantly to their cryptocurrency address from our sales team.

Cold Vault cryptocurrency amount is locked only if customers spend over $1000 in fiat currency value for an order.

Customers are ensured refunds for their cryptocurrencies if they are refused by the sellers to get a valid refund. BitDealz reserves the right to refund a customer and terminate a seller account if the seller violates the customer’s rights.

We offer our customers a two-week trial period for a purchased product or service to see if the purchased product or service meets their needs.

Before a customer makes a purchase for a digital product on, we advise the customer to check out the refund and after-sales policy from that particular seller. We guarantee that all digital items purchased through our shopping platform are delivered to customers in the shortest possible time frame.

If a download link doesn’t work or if a customer encounters an issue with the crypto payment processor, please contact our customer support.