How does it work?

Our cryptocurrency shopping platform is simple to use. It is powered by our highly secure payment gateway for you to shop online with cryptocurrency (currently, payments are processed only with Bitcoin, and we will add more cryptocurrencies in the near future). It comes up with a customer-friendly interface and amazing features, which allows users to easily buy and sell products using cryptocurrency.

We use high-end secure technologies for a constant flow of customers and sellers (register here as a seller) on our cryptocurrency shopping platform. Our platform is open to those sellers who accept payments with cryptocurrency and who have a wide range of quality products, a keen eye for detailed inspection, and a fast shipping reputation for product delivery to the customers.

On our platform, customers can easily make an order, and the ordered product will be shipped to their place of residence as fast as possible.

We use a highly secure cryptocurrency payment gateway that is developed to process payments between customers and sellers and that ensures transparency, reliability, and security.

For affiliates, a great way of making extra cryptocurrency is by recommending products and services from the BitDealz shopping platform and spreading the word about us.

We do offer REFUND and RETURN services for items that don’t correspond to the features stated in the product description.

To discover more about BitDealz, take a tour through our cryptocurrency shopping platform.